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Q: What is the process?

1. Book your consultation at
2. You will be emailed a few questions to help us prepare for your in-person or phone consultation. We recommend in-person if possible.
3. Consultation with either one of our stylists or designer. 
4. Full Payment. Inquire to see if you are eligible for split payments.
5. Measurements. This will be provided by you or done by one of us depending on the circumstance of your order. Virtual measurement booking available.
6. Fitting & pick up.
7. If your order includes alterations, then you will have 1 session with our preferred third party tailor that is available at the time(currently located in Pickering/Newmarket. Locations may change). 

Q: Do you have a storefront?

Yes, it is located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Currently, temporarily located in Scarborough, Ontario (McCowan & Steeles).

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes. We offer worldwide shipping, but please contact to see if you are eligible.
You are responsible for any additional fees you may incur due to the country you are shipping to (customs, taxes & any other fees).

Q: How do you take measurements if I can not come to the storefront?

For standard sizes we have a size chart available for your reference. Size selection is ultimately your decision. For custom sizing we will provide you with the measurements guide which consists of images to assist you. Our stylist or designer will be available to assist you if you need any further assistance. You have the option to book a video call with a stylist who will assist you live. Measurements submitted are final so we advise you to review them.

Q: Are alterations included?

Alterations will be available as an add-on during purchase(local pickups only). If you decide to opt out and realize you need alterations afterwards, we can recommend you to third-party tailors that have worked with our dresses. These tailors are not associated with ecBoutique so please inquire about their policies and prices directly to them. Most of these tailors offer discounted pricing or special services for our clients.

Some of our bridal/Reception collections include alterations for fit, which generally includes: bust, waist, hips, straps, sleeves. Please inquire as this may vary.

Q: What do I need to know about custom sizing?

View our sizing guide for reference and options. ecBoutique is happy to provide guidance with measurements and selecting sizes but the final decision is ultimately yours. We use the measurements to determine the standard size and then make changes to the main measurements. In order to get the best fit, we advise you to add-on the alterations service (couture sizing option) with our preferred third-party tailors which is a set fee. If you wish to wait till after the order comes in, we can still refer you to them. The tailors are not associated with ecBoutique so please inquire about their policies and prices directly to them before proceeding. 

Q: What's the turn around time?

Our outfits are made-to-order so it can take 6-8+ weeks. Depending on the designs they can vary 3-12 months. We encourage you to order early so that there is time to deal with alterations & any other situations that may occur. Book a consult to inquire about your estimated turn around time as some designs can be done sooner.

Q: What if I can't find a color from your color charts?

Send us an image of the color you would like and we can attempt to find you the color for an additional $15 custom color fee.

Q: Can I change details to my order?

All designs are final. but contact us to see if there is a possibility but we can't guarantee the change. If you ordered early and we haven't started your order yet, it may be possible.

Q: Pick Up Policy

Item must be picked up within 3 days of when we notified you that it's ready for pick up. If it is not we will not be able to assist you with any concerns. We understand life can get unpredictable, so we will keep it for a maximum of 3 weeks. Afterwards a storage fee will be applied.

Q: Do you guarantee my custom order will look exactly like the references I provided?

No, it is very difficult to remake a dress exactly as the references you provided. It would be ideal, but it's not realistic. The more clear images and details provided to us, the more chances of it looking similar. There are many other factors like body type, height, dress making logistics that can alter the look of the design or the way it is positioned on you, so keep that in mind. We do our best to make it as similar as possible, generally 90-99%.

Q: What if I do not like how my custom order looks?

If you need assistance with the design process we do our best to guide you through it by discussing fabrics, colors, body types, sizing, etc. The final design is ultimately yours so we can't guarantee you that you will like the design you finalized. If you are unsure, we always recommend selecting an option you feel confident in or work with designs we have made before. All sales are final.

Q: Do I receive a sketch for custom orders?

Sketch/editing services will only be provided for orders that require it.

Q: How long does each appointment take?

Bridal Consultation - up to 60 minutes
Other Consultations - up to 40 minutes
Measurements - up to 15 minutes 
Fitting - up to 15 minutes  

Q: What happens if I cancel or don't make a payment?

If remaining balance is not paid within 1 week of payment due date, then you forfeit your order and payments.

Q: Do you offer returns / exchanges?

All sales are final. All payments are non-refundable. No exceptions.